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  • Cloud Bank
    Cloud Bank I’m skipping up to the Cloud Bank. Need to fill my pockets full of clouds. Withdraw a bundle of those shiny, light, and frothy ones ‒ to balance out, discount, the darkening miasmas of pandemic panic. That’s the world’s weather about now. Yes, IContinue reading “Cloud Bank”
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    Steve Cox, Anna Jacobson, Tara Mokhtari, Anne Casey Stephen J. Williams Screenshots (~10MB PDF)
  • Anna Jacobson
    Anna Jacobson is a writer and artist from Brisbane. Amnesia Findings (UQP, 2019) is her first full-length poetry collection, which won the 2018 Thomas Shapcott Poetry Prize. In 2020 Anna won the Nillumbik Prize for Contemporary Writing (Open Creative Nonfiction), was awarded a Queensland Writers Fellowship, and was shortlisted in the Spark Prize. In 2018Continue reading “Anna Jacobson”
  • Tara Mokhtari
    Dr. Tara Mokhtari is a Persian poet, born in Canberra, residing in New York City. Poetry is deeply ingrained in Persian culture and in the spirit of Persian people, and Mokhtari’s mother, Pari Azarmvand Mokhtari, is a world expert in Hafez. Mokhtari wrote her first poem at ageContinue reading “Tara Mokhtari”